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Electrical Design, Construction, and Contracting

As a partner of Yurtech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Tohoku Electric Power Company group, we build power distribution facilities and improve previously built power distribution facilities, such as the power distribution facility of the Tohoku Electric Power Shirakawa Sales Office. We also design, build, and engage in contracting of electrical work for both corporations and individuals.

We contribute to the stability of electrical systems, regarding safety as a priority, and support industrial development.

■ Outside wiring construction

■ Indoor wiring construction

Sales of Electrical Appliances

We sell and install economical environmentally friendly electrical appliances, because we care about the environment.

Design and Construction of Firefighting Facility

We design, install, and inspecting firefighting equipment. We are engaged in a wide range of businesses that are closely tied to saving people’s lives from disaster.

Telecommunications Construction

There are only a few companies related to telecommunications such as NTT Group, but we aim to expand our business in the field of telecommunications by offering telecommunications construction services to these companies.

Electrical Products

We sell and install IH cooking heaters (such as Eco Cute), air conditioners, and solar power products, all of which are safe and prevents global warming.